What is the Best Size Renton Apartment for Your Family?

Family in Renton Apartment

When you search for a Renton apartment and have a family, it’s important to consider how the apartment may provide an appropriate home for children or couples. Some apartments cater better to families than others and seeking out a new home that offers family-friendly amenities can help you secure the safest and most enjoyable apartment. Here are a few things to consider if you have a family and you’re looking for a new Renton apartment home.

Choose a Location with Family in Mind

An apartment community that sits on a busy street or is within a stone’s throw of a major highway may provide a quick way to get to work, but it may not offer the best experience for a family with small children.

An apartment with perks like nearby parks and amenities on the property like playgrounds and shallow swimming pools can help you keep your family entertained and active without the danger of busy streets and the pollution that can come from living near a major thoroughfare.

Don’t Give Up the Family Pet

One misconception about living in an apartment is that it’s difficult to bring a pet to live with the family. While some apartment communities don’t allow pets, there are many complexes that welcome cats and small dogs. While it’s a little tough to find apartments that allow large dogs, they do exist and are worth seeking out if you have a big dog your children love.

It’s a good idea to inquire about an apartment community’s pet policy in advance of discussing anything else about the apartment. You wouldn’t want to tour an apartment and decide that the residence is perfect and then find out that the community won’t allow pets or big dogs.  Most apartment communities that allow pets will place this information in a prominent area of their website, so it’s usually easy to figure out whether an apartment will accept Fido, Spot, or Pumpkin.

Note: It’s not advisable to move into an apartment community that doesn’t accept pets when you own a cat or dog because the management may terminate your lease if you bring an unauthorized pet to live with you at your new apartment. It’s much better to request permission for a pet than to ask for forgiveness after you move into the residence.

Search for Family-Friendly Neighborhoods in Renton

Some apartment communities advertise that they’re “family friendly,” and some communities offer special activities for families and children. If you aren’t locked into a specific location for work or school, you may wish to explore the various neighborhoods and apartment communities in your vicinity.

You may find that an apartment community that advertises itself as ideal for families has a large population of children that can offer play dates and friendship to your children. You might locate a community where locals arrange regular events for families like movies in the park during the summer.

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