Popular Neighborhoods in Renton and Around the Seattle Region

Exciting Neighborhoods North Seattle

Renton, Washington features several welcoming neighborhoods that are ideal for families, couples, and individuals seeking a new and friendly place to live. With average rents below those found in Seattle, it’s common for families seeking a more affordable lifestyle to make a move from Seattle to Renton, which is around 12 miles south of Downtown Seattle.

Within the city, you’ll find many neighborhoods with different vibes, as well as differently priced apartment communities and real estate values. Some of the popular neighborhoods include Cedar River, Benson, Valley, and Talbot. Other neighborhoods include Highlands, Newcastle, Kennydale, and Downtown.

Basic Details About the City 

Sperling’s Best Places data for Renton reveals there are around 100,000 residents in town where the median home price is $384,000. Residents commute an average of 28.68 each day from various neighborhoods in Renton that sit on the eastern shore of Puget Sound. On average, the cost of living in the area is above the national average, which means careful budgeting for some residents.

According to U.S. Climate Data, the average temperatures during the year in Renton tend to offer mild temperatures that are never frigidly cold nor excessively hot. Residents won’t experience too many freezing days in the winter, and the temperature won’t reach 90 too often in the summer. The pleasant yet rainy climate of Seattle affords its residents a lifestyle that yields few surprises as far as requiring extreme weather-related clothing.

Most Affordable Neighborhoods in Renton

As with any community, there are neighborhoods around the city that are more affordable than others. According to Rent Cafe, the neighborhood with the highest rent in Renton is Cedar River at $1,639, while the neighborhood with the lowest average rent is Kennydale at $1,550. Although the average prices aren’t too different, the interesting thing about Renton prices is that some neighborhoods have less expensive apartments in certain sizes, even though their overall average rental prices are higher.

For example, the least expensive studios in Renton are found in Talbot, which is on the more expensive end of the spectrum, overall, for apartment rental costs. Interestingly, the average price of a one-bedroom apartment in Cedar River, the most expensive neighborhood in Renton, is $1,450, but a one-bedroom in the least expensive neighborhood, Kennydale, is only $41 less at $1,409.

Overall, rental rates are increasing by rather noticeable amounts, as well as in the other cities that sit across the Seattle region. On average, cities like Bellevue have experienced rental price increases of 4% to 5% over the last year. Other cities, such as Issaquah City and Kent have increased somewhere between 8% to 9%, which has led real estate experts to label the region as “hot” as far as price increases and activity are concerned.

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