Creating a Useful Space in Your Renton Apartment

Create Space in Your Renton Apartment

If you’re one of the lucky apartment dwellers in Renton who has an extra bedroom in your apartment, or you have a lot of extra space you’re not using, there are a variety of creative options for you that range from classic home office spaces to creative art studios.

If you’re trying to figure out what to do with an extra bedroom, here are some ideas. You can use these ideas whether you live in a Renton apartment or you have a house with extra space.

Design a Space for Relaxing or a “Morning Room”

It’s often difficult to relax in modern society when there are cell phones, multimedia devices, televisions, and all sorts of advertisements hanging everywhere we go. Your apartment might be the perfect place to disconnect and relax, particularly if you don’t have time to go on a peaceful walk in a forest in the middle of nowhere.

If you have a full extra bedroom in your apartment and you regularly find yourself getting a little stressed, you might want to try to create a morning room or a meditation area. Houzz reveals:

“This is a room for your favorite morning routine, whether that’s a cup of tea, stretching, praying or meditating. The furnishings can be as simple as floor cushions and throw pillows. Include light-controlled windows for bright sunshine or shade, depending on your mood.”

Imagine spending some quiet time in a morning room where there are no clocks, televisions, or smartphones trying to interrupt your day. Even if you can only spend 10 or 15 minutes in the morning in your quiet room, you’ll still find yourself benefitting from the stress-reducing properties of a technology-free room.

Create Space in Your Renton Apartment Even if You Don’t Have It

Finding space in a small apartment is a challenge when you live in a studio or a one-bedroom, and it’s particularly difficult when you have a roommate in a small apartment. The creative solutions used by roommates who don’t have any extra space to spare are actually quite useful for apartment dwellers who have large residences or spare bedrooms.

One excellent idea for creating extra usable space in an apartment is to create a vanity or dressing area outside the bathroom. Extra Space suggests:

“Living in a studio apartment with another person means sharing one bathroom. Cut down on arguments about hogging the bathroom by building a vanity outside. With a few floating shelves, storage boxes or baskets, and a mirror, you can create your own personal vanity and free up bathroom space to make getting ready in the morning easier.”

If you have an entire extra room with which to play, or you have some extra square feet in your apartment, you can create an old-fashioned dressing room that’s separate from the bathroom and the bedroom. Most people get ready in the morning in their bedroom, and they use the bathroom for various tasks.

Consider: Having a separate space for dressing and displaying clothing can help you in the morning when all you have to do is walk to the area with your clothes that are already laid out and ready to go.

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